Nanoparticles and Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment – NanoPorT

The SYNGOPRO project and organizing committee are pleased to invite researchers and experts to the first SYNGOPRO Workshop on Nanoparticles and Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment – NanoPorT. The event, which will be held on January 26, 2023, will be held entirely online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The workshop will feature keynotes from Prof. Dr. George Iliakis of the University Hospital Essen, Prof. Dr. Inge Hermann of ETH Zurich and Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel of DKFZ Heidelberg. Participants can also look forward to discussions, poster presentations and an online networking opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge.

The workshop will be held in English, and international researchers are also welcome to attend and present their latest findings.

The event is intended to provide an opportunity for professionals in the field to learn about the latest advances in nanoparticles in biomedical research, proton therapy, and cancer treatment, as well as to discuss challenges and future perspectives in these areas.

Registrations to Maike Müller at with name, surname, institution and mail address.

 Further information:

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