SCALES Conference 2023

Multiscale Modeling of Complex Systems

The SCALES Conference 2023 is an event for researchers interested in multiscale modeling and interdisciplinary applications. The conference will be held June 26-30 on the campus of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, and will feature sessions on stochastic models, HPC and machine learning, uncertainty quantification and inverse methods, multiscale methods, and interdisciplinary applications. The SCALES 2023 conference will provide an opportunity for experts from different fields to exchange ideas and discuss the latest methods in multiscale modeling.

Registrations will be accepted until April 30. The registration fee of €200 includes lunch at the conference venue and the social event on Thursday evening. Participants may also submit abstracts until April 17. The oral presentation of these will be reserved for invited speakers and a few participants. All other contributions will be accepted as poster presentations.

In addition, a workshop on the use of high-performance computing with the Julia programming language will be held the day before the conference, specifically for students. This workshop will be led by experts from ETH Zurich and JGU Mainz and is limited to only 50 participants. Registrations will be accepted chronologically until all seats are filled.

Further information and registration: