Defects in Two-dimensional Materials

750th WE-Heraeus Seminar

The 750th WE-Heraeus Seminar on “Defects in Two-dimensional Materials” will be held May 8-12 at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef.

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The seminar will focus on the study of defects in two-dimensional materials, which have recently been the focus of research in materials science, physics, and chemistry. Defects have a strong influence on the electronic, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties of solids. While they often degrade the properties of a material, they can also be useful, for example, in semiconductor doping or quantum computing.

The goal of this seminar is to bring together researchers:in the field to discuss the “state of the art” in theory and experiment dealing with the physics of defects in 2D materials. Participants will be introduced to the latest developments in theoretical methods and characterization techniques for studying defects in 2D materials. The effects of various imperfections on the properties of 2D systems will be addressed, with a particular focus on defects in technologically important graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides.

The conference language is English, and thanks to the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation, the cost of full-board accommodation will be covered for all participants.

Application deadline is 12 March 2023.

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