CENIDE Peer Mentoring Program 2023

Mentoring is defined as helping and advising another person, and within a peer group supporting each other is the main goal!

The brand new CENIDE Peer Mentoring Program is a program to support you as early career researchers (PhD students & Postdocs) in reaching a self-defined personal goal within the period of one year. It is also more than a standard Mentoring Program, it gives the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and to build your own scientific network. It will start in March 2023 and a registration is now possible!

Within this program we will form peer groups consisting of 4-5 mentees and 2 experienced CENIDE mentors from different disciplines (junior group leaders from Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Medicine Departments). Within the peer groups, you can get support to reach your personal goal through the experiences of the mentors, but also from your other group members! Therefore, you will be in both roles, the one of a mentee, who seeks advice, but also in the role of a mentor, who gives advice and support. The goals can be all different, for example: build up a community, boost your project and time management, finish your PhD or current project, attending the first big conference or writing the first funding proposal, etc..

The overall goal is to accompany you in reaching that self-defined personal goal, but also self-development, boost of your confidence, training of important soft skills like negotiation and team leading, but also in (self-) presentation or networking.

There will be fixed appointments with all participants and mentors like the Kick-Off Meeting in March 2023, a Training Day with workshops and seminars, a Two-Day Retreat, a Christmas Theme Party and the Final Ceremony where you will get a certificate for your participation. Additionally, you will meet with your peer groups on a regular basis (about six times during this one-year period).

For registration, please fill out a short registration form (which you can get from Miriam Böhm), send a current CV and a short motivational letter (including your expectations on the program and first ideas for your personal goal) to Miriam Böhm via e-mail: miriam.boehm@cenide.de

Registration deadline is January 27th, 2023. 

If you have any kind of question or simply want more information on the CENIDE Peer Mentoring, please reach out to Miriam Böhm as well.