CENIDE members in current edition of the NMWP magazine

Articles by Franziska Muckel as well as Friedrich Waag and Sven Reichenberger

The current edition of the Magazine for Nanotechnology, Microsystems Engineering, New Materials, Photonics and Quantum Technology (NMWP) also features two articles by CENIDE members. First, Franziska Muckel writes about the potentials of MHPs in photonics and optoelectronics in her article “Metal halide perovskites with tunable optical properties for tomorrow’s optoelectronics”, and second, Friedrich Waag and Sven Reichenberger wrote the article “The power of light – catalyst design with lasers” about a scalable and automatable laser process for the design of low noble metal catalyst materials. The articles can be read at the links below.

Further information:

Article by Franziska Muckel

Article by Friedrich Waag and Sven Reichenberger